10 Haunted Waterfall Hikes in California That Will Make You Scream3

10 Haunted Waterfall Hikes in California That Will Make You Scream

2) Under your Skin at Monrovia Falls – Monrovia

It’s bad enough to have to fight off bugs in the outdoors, but locals say you should fear the angry sprites who like to burrow into your flesh, to get to your soul. They’re believed to be angry spirits of the forest trying to ward off trespassers. One woman reports how she nearly succumbed.

“I love hikes with waterfalls, but I’ll never go back after those disgusting spirits tried to get to me. There was no warning. I was on a narrow trail when suddenly I felt like a thousand insects were creeping under my skin. I screamed and scratched but they were relentless.

I could actually feel them marching into my core. The demonic laughter in my ears was too much. I fainted, but I woke up later in my Dad’s car – back to normal. It was just too creepy.”

3) Native Souls in the Alamere Falls – Bolinas

Some say that two Native American outcasts live in the waterfall. They’re believed to have betrayed their kin to murderous settlers for alcohol and white prostitutes. “I’ll never forget that day.” Says a retired policewoman. “I love standing in waterfalls but I haven’t done it since.

The water was pouring over me and then I felt an arm wrap around my waist. I opened my eyes and saw a Native warrior in the form of a water spirit, with another coming out of the waterfall trying to grab me. Their laughter was evil and I knew what they wanted, so I screamed.

One of them shoved his watery hand down my throat. I nearly drowned as they tried to keep me under the waterfall. If it wasn’t for my boyfriend dragging me out, I would have died.”

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