10 Haunted Waterfall Hikes in California That Will Make You Scream3

10 Haunted Waterfall Hikes in California That Will Make You Scream

4) Creepy Ghost Children at Hidden Falls Regional Park – Auburn

It’s ironic that these ghouls only appear in the warmer months, but if you love hiking trails with waterfalls, you’ll probably make an exception. Some visitors would advise you to steer clear. “Especially when the wildflowers bloom. That’s when you’ll see these little terrors.”

A grandmother took her granddaughter and lived to tell the tale. “She was picking wildflowers and I saw the other children. She came back and asked if she could go with them. When I looked over her head I saw them all staring at me with wide, dark eyes.

My blood ran cold when one of the boys smiled with such evil – my heart stopped for a moment. As I rushed my granddaughter away, she screamed, ‘I want to see the other side with my new friends.’ It was horrifying!”

5) Bloodthirsty Hedgewitch at Dawn Falls – Larkspur

When looking for waterfall hikes, you could do worse – but watch out for the hedgewitch with a taste for blood. One student told of his near death experience, when he came across this vampiric witch. “She was horrifying. I sensed her before I saw her – chilling my flesh.

From a distance, she looked like a beautiful Goth girl, but the closer she got, the more she appeared like a Hellish hag, with fangs and straggly black hair. When I tried to run away, she jumped into the air and landed on my back – sinking her teeth into my neck.

That did it. I ran as fast as I could while the blood poured out of my neck. The strange thing was, when I got back to camp – the wounds disappeared…”

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