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Larch trees have risen to celebrity status here in the Canadian Rockies, and there’s little wonder why. These coniferous trees shed their needles, but before tucking in for the winter they turn so vibrantly yellow that they light up the landscape. If you’re keen to trek amongst the fall’s golden glow, branch out with this select list of larch hikes in the Canadian Rockies.

Chester Lake
Spray Valley Provincial Park

  • Duration: day hike
  • Elevation gain: 315m
  • Distance: 9.8km (return)

The shortest larch hike on our list is also one of the most popular, so try to go on a weekday once those larches have changed colour. The trail to Chester Lake is relatively easy, first winding upwards as a logging road before giving way to forested trail, open meadows, and finally the lake itself – banked by larches and the cliffs of Mt. Chester. Take the trail to the left of the lake and scramble your way up “Elephant Rocks” for even better views. / Spray Valley Provincial Park I #chesterlake

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